Friendship bracelets (Brăţările prieteniei)

A friendship bracelet is a bracelet given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship. 
The knotcraft and hand weaving used to create traditional patterns stems from Native American handcrafts, particularly from Central American tradition. According to indigenous tradition, the recipient of a friendship bracelet must wear it until the cords wear out and fall off naturally. The idea is that the friend paid for it with the hard work and love that made it, and the recipient repays the friend by honoring the work. Removing the bracelet before it naturally falls off is a sign that the friendship has gone sour. Another variation of this tradition is that the recipient of a bracelet is entitled to a wish. After the bracelet wears out and falls off naturally, the wish will come true.

Giving a friendship bracelet to a friend has great sentimental value and is showing the friend that he or she is special to the giver. There are many different patterns to match the friend's taste. It is popular among kids of all ages, both boys and girls. Many people will make identical friendship bracelets in order to show that they are friends.

Friendship bracelets dealt with the concept of wish and the ending of a friendship, which in some countries still prevails. In today's world, the bracelets are a way to express their feelings toward a friend; such as to express their feelings of care, love and affection towards that special friend. Friendship bracelets are also a way to patch up a friendship due to a misunderstanding or a fight. In other countries they can also express the never-ending friendship between two special friends.

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